Fulcrum Communications, LLC Writing Samples

Fulcrum Communications, LLC has performed work for some of the largest software and hardware firms in the U.S. The list below provides a few samples of our client documentation. Each technical sample is in PDF format and includes a brief project description. In addition to technical documentation, Jodie Gilmore is an experienced freelance journalist, writing on a wide variety of topics.

An * indicates the publication has won an award in a publications competition.

Technical Material Freelance Journalism
Using Routing Techniques to Minimize Skew

Ease of Use/PC Quality Roundtable:
Improving PC Ease of Use for the Business User and IT Professional

Introduction to the Intel® VTuneTM Performance Analyzer 6.0
*A Moving Experience

The Changing Face of Bankruptcy

The Star Spangled Banner

Other Communications Materials
Registration Booklet for the 2005 Western Users of SAS Software Conference

*Special Needs Committee Brochure

Sun Microsystems advertisement


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